Football Movie Madness #5: The Replacements

I figured not having very high expectations of The Replacements would prepare me for the film. But, no, it still sucked so hard I felt like I had entirely wasted half an afternoon.

I knew I had to suspend disbelief a little bit, to buy into things like that somehow the cheerleaders in the movie were on strike, too. But none of that could save me from a horrible Keanu Reeves, Jon Favreau embarrassing himself, and all the characters being much more like incredibly shallow caricatures, and not even funny ones at that. The whole movie was like that; it followed the classic underdog-sports-movie formula, but was an awful, stereotypical entry into the genre. I was mildly amused by the footballer smoking on the sidelines, but only the first time. Not the ensuing 17 times the joke was used.

Oh, and there was so much awful 90’s fashion. And music. And then IMDB tells me this thing came out in 2000?!? I don’t remember 2000 being this bad.

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